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Yard Sale
Yard Sale

Yikes! Sometimes the stash in my studio begins to round out the corners! (I know you know exactly what I mean.) So… to keep myself from working in a rapidly shrinking silo, this spot is my "de-stashing" place. Bargains, bits, pretties and odd things will find their way to this page from time to time, and they won't hang out very long. If you see something you like grab it quick!

Check back often - you never know what you might find at a yard sale!

PLEASE DO NOT APPLY COUPONS (FROM POINTS ACCRUED) TOWARD THE PURCHASE OF YARD SALE ITEMS. Should you apply them in error, we will deduct additional points from any remaining in your account or refund your money. 

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Home of fashionably fun and unusually crafty embroidery designs and projects
Yard Sale
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