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FAQ : A Bit of Stitch
Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about something? Let us help! Here are the answers to a few of our frequently asked questions. If you need further help, please don't hesitate to email us!

Q: I don’t want to purchase a separate CD for every design set I order. Can I get them all on the same CD?

A: Yes! When purchasing multiple design sets, just select the CD option for ONE of the sets. Before you check out, go to your shopping cart and scroll down to see the box labeled "Order Notes." Leave us a note there requesting that we put all the designs on the same CD. Then continue to checkout.

Q: I don’t have a PayPal account. How do I place an order?

A: Proceed to checkout. When you get to the page that says

Step 2 of 3 - Payment Information” choose "continue to step 3" (it’s at the very bottom of the page).

Then at page 3 of 3 - Order Confirmation choose “confirm order” on the final step.

That will take you to PayPal's shopping cart. (I know, it looks like you have to have a PayPal account - drat the people - because you don't.)

Look for and choose the "Don't have a PayPal account?" link. (It’s under the yellow login button.)

Finally you will get to the page where you can just put in a credit card number. We take VISA, MC, Discover and American Express. You'll notice that at the bottom of the page it says "payments processed by PayPal," but it is not the PayPal account division. It's actually the bank that runs them and it is just as secure as using your credit card at a store.

Q: I didn’t get the download link for my designs. Now what?

A: The link for your download will be on the receipt of your order when you are returned to A Bit of Stitch website after purchase. If you are not brought back to the site after your purchase, you can log into your account here where you will see a list of the downloads you have purchased with the link to download.

Q: I lost my designs! Help! What do I do?

A: Don’t worry – you can re-download them! Here’s how:

Log into your account here. Once logged in, you will see a list of downloads you have purchased where you can re-download. (If you have used up all your downloads for that item, just email us and we will be happy to add more.) 

Q: I chose the wrong format for the designs I ordered. Now what?

A: We can fix that! Just email us and tell us what machine format you need. Include your name and order number. We’ll add a download link for the correct format to your account OR email you the designs ASAP.

Q: My embroidery machine is telling me that my design is too big for the hoop I'm trying to use! What's happening?

A: It is important to note that the size your hoop is NAMED (a "5x7 hoop" or a "6x10 hoop," etc.) and the size of the ACTUAL STITCHING FIELD may not be the same! Check your machine's manual to find out the exact stitching field for each of your hoop sizes. Then look at the design dimensions listed with the color charts/stitch sequence charts and choose a hoop whose stitching field will accommodate that size. (For example, you may find that your "8x8 hoop" only has a stitching field of 7.8" x 7.8". So if your design measures 7.85" in one direction, it won't fit in your 8x8 hoop even though it measures less than 8 inches. You would need to use the next larger hoop available.) 

Q: I need to print design templates and I don’t know how. Can you help me?

A: Yes! If the design set you wish to purchase does not include design templates, just leave us a message in the space for "Order Notes" (located in your shopping cart) before checking out and let us know you need them. Your PDF templates will be sent as an attachment to the email address provided in your account info. If you have already checked out, simply email us and request the design templates.

Q: There are no instructions with my designs! How do I get them?

A: They are probably hiding. If you opened the zipped file in your embroidery software program, it is possible that your software doesn’t recognize the PDF instruction/color chart file - which means it won’t show up. Instead, make sure to open the zipped file on your computer desktop so you can extract the PDF instructions. If you need further help finding or extracting that file, let us know.

Q: Mini-CDs – what are they?

A: They are 3” instead of 5” and work perfectly in any computer that has a CD drawer - either a regular desktop PC or any laptop that has a drawer that comes out and holds the CD by the center ring. Save plastic, save money, and save storage space with a mini-CD!

PLEASE NOTE: If your computer or laptop has a slot that vacuums in the CD (i.e., it sucks it in and spits it out without using a tray), then you can’t use a mini-CD. Please do not try to; it will get stuck!

Q: The colors listed on my embroidery machine’s screen do not match the colors listed on the color charts included in the PDF instruction file. What’s up with that?

A: I know, that’s aggravating, isn’t it? Each embroidery machine manufacturer has assigned the color they think best represents the designer’s choice to their format stitch file. That makes some designs look really strange on your screen! Just remember to follow the color charts that are included in that PDF instruction file and not the colors suggested on your screen.

Q: What do I do when there are no actual colors listed on the color charts?

A: You choose your own! Unless I have a suggested color that I think would be best for that particular design, I will list the action that stitch sequence is taking. For instance, if you are stitching out one of my fashion girls the color chart might read “1. Flesh” (you can choose your thread color according to what color of skin you want the girl to have.)

Q: I don’t see the format listed that I need. How do I get it?

A: Write to Rachelle and request your format. These formats are also available:

Please note that not all of these formats support larger hoop sized designs. When you request a different format also let us know which hoop sizes (by inches) your machine supports.

Q: I wrote to you using the contact provided but I have not heard back from you.

A: Your email should be answered within 24 hours. If A Bit of Stitch is traveling, there may be a slight delay. If you wrote and did not hear back, make sure your spam filter has not kicked the response into your spam box! Please check your spam box. Otherwise, check with your email carrier. Many times our replies to you are refused due to full mailboxes, incorrect email addresses, or customer server issues. If you keep having difficulties contacting A Bit of Stitch, please feel free to leave Evy a message on her Facebook page. The link is provided at the top of this page on the right. Look for the “f” in the pink dot.


If your question wasn't found here, click here to contact Evy.

Questions about something? Let us help! Here are the answers to 
a few of our frequently asked questions. If you need further help, 
please don't hesitate to email us!
FAQ : A Bit of Stitch
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