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Embellisher Purse Kit Spring
Item Details
Embellisher Purse Kit Spring

Left over “Embellisher Purse” class kits! If you have the Embellisher tutorial or if you’ve taken an Embellisher Purse class from me and you’d like an extra kit to go with the instructions, here you are. Everything you need to make the Embellisher purse in the Spring color way is included! There are 16 of these available. 

The kit includes: 

Very firm cut-away stabilizer (10”x16’)

Medium loft polyester quilt batting (10”x16)

Assortment of silk fabric scraps (velvet, cut velvet, chiffon, taffeta, dupioni, crepe, batiste)

8” x 40” pink silk organza (to make the large 3D flower)

5 double petal pre-embroidered pink silk organza little flowers (you cut them out)

Assortment of yarns

9” zipper

White polyester satin lining fabric (10” x 16”)

1/4” x 4” narrow satin ribbon (for the purse handle loops)

Glass bead metallic handle


Price includes USPS continental shipping. An additional shipping fee will be added to international orders.

PLEASE NOTE: Points accrued ($1 coupons) from previous purchases may not be applied to this item. If you apply them in error, we will deduct additional points from any remaining in your account or refund your money.

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Embellisher Purse Kit Spring
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Embellisher Purse Kit Spring
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