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Snip Seconds
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Snip Seconds

Sometimes the Snip Making Fairy gets cranky and her snips are just not up to par. They still cut thread, paper and some very light fabrics, but they aren't first quality cutters like they should be. I try to test every pair that leaves my shop and when they don't cut to please me they end up in a big box. When I need a pair of snips for just clipping thread I go to the box and drag out a pair and I was wondering if you might like a great deal on thread snippers too? Or, you might be a paper crafter, or do hand embroidery? These will cut paper, thread and embroidery floss just fine. I've found that men like them too - great for making fishing lures and model whateveryouhaveits. 

Each pair of Snip Seconds is marked with a colorful tape so you will be able to tell the difference between these and your GOOD snips. Get them while they last!

Price includes shipping for continental USA addresses. An additional shipping charge will be added to international orders.

Multiple Ordering - Please note! Should you wish to purchase more snips than four and still receive the volume discount, please email us and we will sort that out for you. Thanks!



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Snip Seconds
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Snip Seconds
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