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Bitsy Stitch Outfits
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Bitsy Stitch Outfits

Bitsy is a very fashionable dolly! She has a different special outfit to celebrate each month of the year. You can also mix and match the outfit pieces to create your own unique outfits. Every outfit is stitched in-the-hoop and comes with a PDF instruction file that is full of helpful hints, illustrations and photos to make it quick and easy to create them. No one is ever too grown-up for dolls - make a special bride Bitsy or Halloween Bitsy for a friend and give the gift of a giggle!

July’s outfit contains a PDF printable file from which you can make tiny flags for Bitsy to wave during her Fourth of July celebration. Also included are other countries flags too! August’s outfit has a PDF printable file for you to construct Bitsy’s fashion magazine. November’s outfit includes directions to make needle felted wool roving pumpkins and a printable PDF to create a cookbook – complete with real recipes! December’s outfit also includes PDF printable files to make Bitsy’s shopping bags. Ho Ho Ho!

Resources and fabric suggestions are also included. A 5x7 and 4x4 hoop is required for these designs. Please read the instruction file before beginning.

Each outfit costs $9.

Special Offer! Buy all twelve Bitsy outfits and the doll for $59.00!

To buy the Bitsy Stitch Doll separately, click HERE.

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Bitsy Stitch Outfits
Item Options
Choose from the outfits below:
JANUARY - Bitsy Stitch Doll Outfit (Add $9.00)
FEBRUARY - Bitsy Stitch Doll Outfit (Add $9.00)
MARCH - Bitsy Stitch Doll Outfit (Add $9.00)
APRIL - Bitsy Stitch Doll Outfit (Add $9.00)
MAY - Bitsy Stitch Doll Outfit (Add $9.00)
JUNE - Bitsy Stitch Doll Outfit (Add $9.00)
JULY - Bitsy Stitch Doll Outfit (Add $9.00)
AUGUST - Bitsy Stitch Doll Outfit (Add $9.00)
SEPTEMBER - Bitsy Stitch Doll Outfit (Add $9.00)
OCTOBER - Bitsy Stitch Doll Outfit (Add $9.00)
NOVEMBER - Bitsy Stitch Doll Outfit (Add $9.00)
DECEMBER - Bitsy Stitch Doll Outfit (Add $9.00)
Doll and All 12 Outfits (Add $59.00)
Would you like your outfit(s) on a CD?
Yes, please mail me a full-sized CD (Add $5.00)
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Bitsy Stitch Outfits
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