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Silk Scrap Bags!
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Silk Scrap Bags!

Just for you, dear Baby Lock Embellisher owners! Many of you who have taken an Embellisher class from me (in the flesh or online) have asked, “WHERE do you get all your pretty fabrics?” and I probably answered, “Here and there and everywhere!” And that is exactly right as it takes a pretty extensively collected group of silk fabrics to make up the piles of pretty I bring to class for us to play with! Now for the first time ever I’m making a few bags of these available, so get yours quick because they won’t last long!

Each bag contains approximately 3 oz of various silk fabric scraps (such as dupioni, chiffon, charmeuse, batiste, taffeta, velvet, and cut velvet) in solids and some prints. Also included in the bags are ribbon yarns for rosettes and other fancy yarns for embellishing. The scraps are small pieces, approximately 2” to 3” in size and cut irregularly for optimum needle felting. Depending on how much you ruche up the fabrics as you needle felt, you should have enough for a 14” to 16” block of finished needle felted fabric. Perfect for a pillow top, collars and cuffs, book covers, box top covers, or whatever you fancy! You can see some samples of items I’ve created with silk scraps below.

PLEASE NOTE: You may choose just the Silk Scrap Bag OR select the option to include sheer cut-away fusible stabilizer and we will also send you an 11.5” x 60” piece of the sheer cut-away fusible stabilizer found in my favorite stabilizer package. (Click HERE to see that stabilizer package.)

If you haven’t taken a class with me showing how to create needle felted silk fabric collages from silk fabric scraps on the Embellisher, click HERE to check out my Needle Felting Silks Tutorial.

PLEASE DO NOT APPLY DISCOUNT COUPONS (FROM POINTS ACCRUED) TOWARD THE PURCHASE OF SILK ORGANZA. If you apply them in error, we will charge you an additional fee or cancel your order and refund your money. Thank you!

Image Gallery: (Click on image to enlarge)
Silk Scrap Bags!
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Silk Scrap Bags!
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