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Felt - Marble White
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Felt - Marble White

This wool/rayon blend felt is soft and sturdy! Although you can also find it on the Felt (Wool/Rayon) item page, you can purchase LARGER pieces here - perfect for use as the backing felt in the new Ferie Sokker sock/stocking designs. 

NOTE - The 1/4 yard piece is wide enough to accommodate the first three sizes of sock/stocking designs from the Ferie Sokker set, but for the largest design size you will need the felt to be a little wider, so the 1/2 yard piece is recommended. For the Vinstokker designs, the 1/4 yard piece will be fine.

Price includes USPS continental shipping. 

*Please do not apply coupons (from points accrued) toward the purchase of this item. If you apply them in error, we may cancel your order and refund your money. Thank you!*

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Felt - Marble White
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Felt - Marble White
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